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Preventing Loss of Income

Preventing Loss of Income

Water damage can be costly and even more so when it directly affects your income and livelihood.

Mammoth Restoration was called to the scene of a client’s guesthouse when they discovered the washer had overflowed during a laundry cycle.  Thankfully the client knew immediate action was the only way to decrease potential damage as the guesthouse provides a source of income they need and couldn’t afford any down time.

The water overflow was excessive and pulling up the flooring and baseboards for proper drying with the dehumidifiers and air movers was required. Although there was some water damage to contents of the guest house the flooring was able to be salvaged and any future microbial growth prevented. Ultimately Mammoth’s actions saved the client not only the cost of repairs but also any future income loss from the guesthouse being unusable.

Always be prepared for the unexpected. With 24 / 7 / 365 service Mammoth should be your first call as they can respond immediately to any emergency situation anytime.