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De-winterizing Your Home for Summer

The weather is slowly getting warmer. The sun’s out a little bit more. Summer is finally coming. Is your home ready?

Preparing your home for summertime is just as important as preparing it for winter. There are many different things that will need your attention both indoors and outside to ensure that your home is safe and functional for summer fun.

Tackle The Outside

Get your outdoors ready for summer:

  • Use a receptacle tester to check your outside outlets. If an outlet looks badly damaged, don’t try to test it yourself, contact a professional immediately. Damaged electrical outlets can be very dangerous.
  • Check your siding, windows, downspouts, and any exposed foundation for damage. Look for loose boards in the siding, damaged mortar in between bricks, gaps in the windows, torn or bent screens, and any kind of cracking in the foundation.
  • Take care of your grill. Check all hoses and other components for damage. Replace if it looks anything but perfect. For gas grills, check every burner and all gas tubes.
  • Test your outside water lines. Turn the water back on and check each faucet to make sure that they’re working properly. Check for any evidence of damage.
  • Check your hoses for leaks. Use a garden hose repair kit if the leaking is minor.

Examine The Interior

This is a good time to make sure everything’s in good working order.

  • Get your HVAC system checked & serviced. You’ve been using the heat all winter, but that doesn’t mean you’re prepared to turn on the AC. It’s also a good idea to have a tech make sure that nothing is wrong with the system, allowing you to catch small problems before they get bigger and more costly.
  • Clean fans and air filters. You haven’t been using the fans all winter, and the filters have had ample time to collect dust. Clean off the fans and change the filters – you’ll breathe easier because of it.