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How to Stop a Grease Fire

When cooking with oil or greasy meat, there’s always the possibility of the grease igniting. Here’s how to prevent a grease fire from ruining more than just your dinner.

Grease Fire Do’s

Above all, remain calm. Here’s what you should do:

  • Put on oven mitts to protect your hands.
  • Eliminate the heat source by turning off the stove.
  • Your first choice is to put out the fire with an extinguisher.
  • If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, cover the pan with a lid or a towel soaked in cold water.
  • As a last resort, cut off the fire’s oxygen supply by smothering it with baking soda or salt.
  • We can’t emphasize this enough – always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Put it in clear sight and make it easy to access.

Grease Fire Dont’s

First and foremost, don’t panic. Here’s what you should NOT do:

  • NEVER throw water on a grease fire. It just spreads the flames.
  • NEVER use flour or sugar. It can actually cause an explosion.
  • Don’t pick up the pan. The risk of spilling grease is too high.
  • Avoid touching anything until it’s completely cool.
  • Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you can’t handle the situation.
  • Never attempt to deal with a fire without first protecting yourself. Ultimately, your “things” can be replaced, but you can’t. It’s just not worth the risk.