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Storms - Monsoon - Rain

Rain and the effects of the rain has truly been keeping Mammoth Restoration busy helping folks stay dry. This summer rain (13.54" from Jan1,2016 to Aug 11) has not been as much as last year (17.17" from Jan 1, to Aug 11), but still providing lots of situations of water, being it from runoff or standing water in and against sturctures. Folks in Northern Arizona including Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, and Dewey have had situations where Mammoth Restoration was uniquely qualified to provide water extraction and drying services. Addressing these events quickly is critical to insure other issues like mold don't becoame and issue. Remember Mammoth Restoration is the best for addressing all of your water and water related issues in Northern Arizona. Stay dry and enjoy thoes beautiful sunrises and sunset durring this monsoon season.