Changes To The Restoration Industry From 2003-2019

Mammoth Blog Restoration Industry History

I dove into the restoration industry in 2003, when three circumstances collided. First, I was a small business consultant for a moderately large printing firm, and I was looking to get on the other side of the phone. I wanted to open my own business, but like many entrepreneurs I was struggling on what to…

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My Mammoth Story: Craig Moody

Mammoth Blog Feature Image Craig Moody Flagstaff

This is my story: A long, long time ago a friend of mine asked me the question, “who do we ultimately want to work for?” Perplexed and confused I squinted my eyes, slightly turned my head and blurted out “Disneyland?” His shoulders slumped, and he sighed and said, “No, us, we want to work for…

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Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Mammoth Blog Pipes Freezing Featured Image

As the weather gets colder, it is important to consider the health of your pipes. One of the more common – and more frustrating – plumbing issues is a pipe freeze. Frozen pipes can occur in the ground or in the homemaking detection complicated and prevention even more necessary. Frozen Pipes Can Break And Cause Flooding…

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Fall Fails In Flagstaff And Northern Arizona

Mammoth Blog Fall Fails 1

In Flagstaff and northern Arizona, some of the most fatal failures I see with water damage are fairly quite avoidable. One of the water damage situations we see this time of year is people forgetting to take their hoses off their hose bibs. We will often see hoses still charged with the water on, only to be…

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The Year Was 2011, January 1st

Mammoth Blog Year 2011 Featured Image

The year was 2011, January 1st. The temperature hit -25 degrees in Flagstaff. The surrounding communities such as Sedona and Camp Verde which are at much lower elevations saw temperatures below zero as well. We actually saw a week of below freezing high temperatures (32 degrees). I will never forget that week. At Mammoth Restoration, the phone started…

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Suicide Prevention – What To Look For?

Suicide Prevention Mammoth Restoration 1024x576 2

At Mammoth Restoration, we’re often called in to “cleanup” after suicides and the crime scenes that happen in Flagstaff or northern Arizona. Dealing with losses of this nature is always the hardest thing for us to do.  Seeing the friends and family members left behind by these tragedies first-hand, leaves us questioning if the situation was preventable…

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Help! My House Has Flooded!

My House has Flooded Flagstaff

What to do if your house is underwater It’s something we all hope never happens to us, a nightmare we all hope never to have to encounter in real life. But, sometimes despite our best efforts, life happens. Even here in Flagstaff, far away from the floods and hurricanes that plague other parts of the country, it…

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What to Know About Natural Disasters and Insurance

Mammoth Blog Feature August55

Home insurance: a topic no one really likes to think or talk about but a true necessity when something or everything goes wrong. Without home insurance, many accidents could lead to an extreme burden for the homeowner and family. Making sure you have appropriate and correct coverage can help in the avoidance of financial disasters. Dealing…

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