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There are so many benefits to living in Flagstaff and northern Arizona that we sometimes forget about things that we have to be especially aware of as we enjoy our lives so close to nature. The communities that Mammoth Restoration serves are amongst the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine Forest in the world.

With all that beauty comes all the natural inhabitants that look to our dwellings as a place to make their nests. As much as we love and respect nature, it is not healthy for animals such as mice, rats, groundhogs, squirrels, moles, bats and others to take up residence in our homes or businesses.

The devastation that can take place to your home or business in the event of an animal intrusion is significant.

Your crawl spaces, attics, garages, and walls offer a warm, dry place for animals to make a nest, breed, and leave behind biohazardous waste that in some cases can be deadly.

Why Hire Mammoth for Biohazard Cleanup

The experts at Mammoth Restoration work closely with local pest control companies to eradicate the issue of animal intrusion and infestation in your home or business. Our teams of biohazard cleanup experts are trained in assisting the removal of animal waste and other debris that is associated with pest intrusion.

We cannot overstate the dangers of doing this kind of work yourself.

At Mammoth Restoration, we have Personal Protective Equipment as well as the proper cleaning equipment and procedures to safely remove feces, nesting material, hair, and dead animals that are extremely problematic to your living or working environment.

Mammoth Restoration is a certified provider of biohazard cleanup and removal services.

We will respond to your biohazard cleanup need quickly and efficiently to return your home or business back to a safe condition. At Mammoth, we don’t care if your need is big or small. In the event of a larger, more problematic biohazard cleanup, we can pack out your belongings and have them safely cleaned while we fully restore the area that was damaged.

We love and respect the beauty that surrounds our homes and the creatures that we share it with but when they make their nests in the structures we live or work in we must respond safely and swiftly.

For all your carpet, upholstery, tile, and rug cleaning needs, call your trusted friends at Mammoth Restoration. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Call today for a free estimate!

Use the contact form below if you have any questions regarding biohazard cleanup, pest removal, or anything else related to these services.

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