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A fire in your home or business is an excruciatingly traumatic experience.
It is especially impactful to those of us who live in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona as we are more acutely aware of the damage that fire and smoke can cause in our community.

The first and most important component to containing fire and smoke damage is to be properly prepared should a fire occur in your home or business. Having a properly charged fire extinguisher in a readily accessible area can be the difference between a quick call to Mammoth Restoration or a devastating call to the Flagstaff Fire Department.

Regardless of which call you make, Mammoth Restoration is here to repair, replace, and reconstruct the damage inflicted by fire or smoke to your home or business.

Our response to fire damage and smoke damage is always immediate. At Mammoth Restoration, you will not get a recorded message when you call our emergency line. We are committed to providing you with the type of response you expect when you have experienced the trauma of a fire in your home or business.

Call us today to learn more about our fire damage services.

Hiring Our
Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Repair Team

Fire and smoke damage restoration is two-fold. The burned materials must be safely removed and properly replaced. Mammoth Restoration has the expertise to assess what must be done to return your home or business to its pre-fire damage condition.

The secondary damage is done by the smoke. Depending on the size of your fire, smoke can inflict significant damage to numerous components of your home or business.

Our expert fire and smoke damage restoration team will assess the smoke damage and make certain to execute a plan to repair the structure to its proper pre-loss condition. This includes all of the fire damage and any damage caused by smoke.

When To Call Our Fire and Smoke Damage
Restoration Company

When you have a fire and it has been properly extinguished, be sure to call Mammoth Restoration immediately. We will handle the pack out of your valuables and start the fire damage restoration process as soon as we arrive. When needed, we will assist in securing the premises from further intrusion from elements both natural and otherwise so that your fire damage repair process is not compromised any further.

Mammoth Restoration provides you with a comprehensive response to your fire damage. We will repair, replace, and reconstruct your home or business while working closely with your insurance company so that every aspect of your recovery is handled.

Put decades of experience to work for you and get the peace of mind that Flagstaff and northern Arizona’s best fire and smoke damage restoration company is at work for you.

Once your home or business’ fire has been properly extinguished, contact Mammoth Restoration’s fire and smoke damage restoration and repair team at once. We’re available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

For less immediate questions or non-emergencies, please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you about our fire and smoke damage restoration services as soon as possible.

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