Kellein Galindo

Kellein Galindo

EMS Tech

Kellein joined the Mammoth team in February 2013. Prior to joining the Mammoth team Kellein worked in the construction and roofing industry. He has also had many roles at Mammoth including laborer, carpet cleaner, and part of the pack out division. Kellein’s favorite part of the job is diving into something different and finding unique challenges to complete the job while doing his best.

When Kellein isn’t doing his best work on the job, you can find him attending his son’s sporting events and spending time with his family. Family is very important to him.

If Kellein were an animal he would be a pitbull because they may have the appearance of being rough and tough but in reality they tend to be kind and loyal.

*Kellein was the recipient of our February 2020 Employee of the Month!



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