Emergency Services

Emergency Restoration Services in Flagstaff, AZ, and the Surrounding Areas

Owning a home does not protect you from a potential flood, fire, or even mold damage. Whenever you experience a major man made or natural disaster, seeking out the help of our professional restoration company in Flagstaff AZ is highly recommended. With Mammoth Restoration, we can help you to address any fire, water, or mold damage with our range of restoration services in Flagstaff, AZ, and the surrounding areas that you need.

We Provide Emergency Restoration Services

A deadly storm, flood, tornado, chemical spill, or an accident in your home can all cause major damage that requires the help of professional restoration services. Most disasters and accidents are not predictable, which is why it is imperative to have a restoration company that provides emergency restoration services to lean on in your times of need. At Mammoth Restoration, we help to restore homes that have been affected by mold growth, water damage from flooding and storms, fire damage, smoke damage, trauma accidents or incidents, and even biohazard material. We are available 24/7 365 days a year to provide emergency restoration services in Flagstaff, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Restoration Services

Benefits of Emergency Restoration Services

Emergency restoration services for fire, mold, or water damage can help prevent larger issues from stemming while also minimizing the overall damage that has been done to your home. Addressing the damage as quickly as possible with professional fire, mold, and water damage restoration in Flagstaff, AZ, and nearby areas can ultimately save money while preserving your home as much as possible.

Emergency Water Damage

Contact Mammoth Restoration Immediately

Are you in urgent need of professional water, mold, or fire damage restoration in Flagstaff, AZ, and nearby areas? Contact Mammoth Restoration by calling us or filling out the online form. We serve:

  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • Sedona, AZ
  • Williams, AZ
  • Camp Verde, AZ
  • Cottonwood, AZ
  • Winslow, AZ
  • Holbrook, AZ
  • Parks, AZ
  • Seligman, AZ
  • Ash Fork, AZ
  • Prescott, AZ


Mammoth Restoration works with home and business owners throughout Flagstaff and Northern Arizona, insurance companies, the State of Arizona, various law enforcement entities, and other licensed contractors. Call us today for your restoration and remediation needs.