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Why Hire a Professional Biohazard Removal Company?

Cleaning up after a biohazard can be labor intensive and sometimes cleaning the job will require more effort than others.  The mess involved can be bigger and more involved than you expect. To get started, you will need various cleaning products and equipment to do a more thorough job. In most biohazard cases, you may even require professional assistance due to nature of the case and what it entails. What is a Biohazard? Biohazard materials…

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How to Remove Smoke and Soot

Properly cleaning smoke damage is not only important but it will provide a healthy living environment for you and your family.  The acidic nature of the smoke and soot can make it difficult to remove. It can also leave harmful odors and particles that can make it difficult to breathe.  At Mammoth Restoration, we have many years of experience in fire damage restoration. We cannot only help you with any size of job, but we…

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How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

You’re probably wondering, how much will water damage restoration and repair cost? Learn the average costs for water damage restoration.
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What is Water Mitigation?

Wondering what water mitigation is? Learn the differences between water mitigation and water restoration and more.
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A Story Of Water Damage

Personal stories about dealing with water damage and flooding in Flagstaff and northern Arizona and the nightmares that followed.
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How To Spot Mold In Your Home

Not sure if you have mold in your home? Here are some common signs of mold and how to spot mold in your home.
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How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Need mold removed? Learn the overall cost of getting mold removed, cleaned, and remediated In your home from a mold removal contractor.
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Changes To The Restoration Industry From 2003-2019

Changes to the restoration industry from 2003 to 2019 has impacted the Mammoth Restoration team and allowed us to provide better service.
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Mold Damage At House In Flagstaff

Water And Mold Go Hand-In-Hand

Mold can form in 72-96 hours from standing water. Keep moisture away from drywall, insulation, and wood to prevent mold from spreading.
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Craig Moody At Mammoth Restoration In Flagstaff

My Mammoth Story: Craig Moody

Craig Moody's story of how he became involved with Mammoth Restoration and restoration in Flagstaff and northern Arizona.
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Pipes Freezing In Flagstaff And Thawed By Mammoth Restoration

Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting this winter with some helpful tips and tricks from Mammoth Restoration.
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Fall Fails In Flagstaff And Northern Arizona

Fall is here in Flagstaff and northern Arizona. Here we point out "fall fails" that we see around our clients' homes that cause water damage.
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Winter In Flagstaff

The Year Was 2011, January 1st

Relive the coldest night in Flagstaff, Arizona ever recorded and what it did to homes, pipes, and Mammoth Restoration.
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October Update from Craig Moody

Get the latest restoration news from Mammoth's owner, Craig Moody! This month in October, we're coving updates to our business and more!
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Suicide Prevention Tips Graphic By Mammoth Restoration In Flagstaff

Suicide Prevention – What To Look For?

At Mammoth, we're often called in to "cleanup" after the suicides. Help us prevent suicide from happening by sharing the warning signs.
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House Is Flooded In Flagstaff

Help! My House Has Flooded!

What to do if your house is flooded or underwater. Here is a guide on what to do when your basement, kitchen, or living room is flooded.
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What to Know About Natural Disasters and Insurance

Natural disasters like floods during monsoon season can cause damage to your home. Learn more about insurance and how to recover from a flood.
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August Update from Craig Moody

Get the latest restoration news and updates from Mammoth's owner, Craig Moody! This month, we're coving 2019's dry monsoon season!
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Graphic About Monsoon Season Flooding In Your Home

Monsoon Season 2019: What You Should Know About Flooding in Your Home

Monsoon season is here in Flagstaff and many are uneasy about possible structural flood damage. Learn more about what to expect this season.
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Graphic Of Ways To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home

15 Ways to Prevent Water Damage

15 unique ways to prevent water damage inside and outside of your house. Use these tips and tricks to keep your home free of flooding.
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Water Damage and Flooding: Flagstaff’s Silent Home Killer

Water damage is Flagstaff's silent home killer. Learn more about what to watch out for and what to do if your home is flooded.
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8 Signs You Have Water Damage in Your Home

Think you have water damage in your home? Here are 8 signs of water damage and that you might need to call a water restoration contractor now!
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Water Damage: Understanding the Restoration Process

You came home to a flood, what happens now? Learn about the steps and what to expect with water damage from flooding happens in your home.
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The Categories and Classes of Water

Did you know there are three categories and four classes of water? Learn and understand the difference between each type of water.
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Celebrating 15 Years in Business!

Mammoth Restoration is celebrating over 15 years of providing remediation, restoration, and cleanup in Flagstaff and northern Arizona.
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New Fleet for 2018

Mammoth Restoration has added new vehicles to its fleet in 2018. Learn more about our new fleet upgrades at our Flagstaff office.
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We Were Awarded “Best of Flagstaff” for 5th Year

Mammoth Restoration was awarded the "Best of Flagstaff" for the 5th year in a row! Learn more about our award and why it's a big deal!
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