A Story Of Water Damage

Water Damage Services

Water and structures go together like gas and matches. In my 17 years, I have seen just about every way that water can enter a home or business. While pipe breaks, toilet overflows, and faulty appliances make up the majority of our claims, every once in a while you’re completely surprised to hear about how this…

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How To Spot Mold In Your Home

Mammoth Blog Find Mold In Home

For many, it’s a bit of a scary idea, but the reality is that likely all of us will experience some level of mold somewhere in our home at some point in time. Mold can form in moist areas as quickly 72 hours, and often in spots where the resident or property owner is unlikely to notice right away,…

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How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Mold Damage Cost Flagstaff

Learn The Overall Cost Of Getting Mold Removed, Cleaned, and Remediated In Your Home There are a lot of different ways this can go. Maybe you experienced an unexpected storm, which, with it, brings unexpected flooding, which also brings unexpected water damage — not limited to, but potentially including, that much-feared M-word, mold. Maybe you’re cleaning out your garage or…

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