Suicide Prevention – What To Look For?

Suicide Prevention Mammoth Restoration 1024x576 2

At Mammoth Restoration, we’re often called in to “cleanup” after suicides and the crime scenes that happen in Flagstaff or northern Arizona. Dealing with losses of this nature is always the hardest thing for us to do.  Seeing the friends and family members left behind by these tragedies first-hand, leaves us questioning if the situation was preventable…

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Help! My House Has Flooded!

My House has Flooded Flagstaff

What to do if your house is underwater It’s something we all hope never happens to us, a nightmare we all hope never to have to encounter in real life. But, sometimes despite our best efforts, life happens. Even here in Flagstaff, far away from the floods and hurricanes that plague other parts of the country, it…

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