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Regional Carriers

Whenever you need us, we’re just a click or call away. Mammoth has relationships with all the major carriers so you can be sure we’re both qualified and top quality.

What to Expect

Once Mammoth gets the assignment, you can expect a team that both lives up to Mammoth’s core values and is IICRC Certified in Water and Fire Damage. Our team will:

Respond within 2 hours.

Take detailed notes on site including a schematic of the affected areas along with hundreds of pictures to document the loss.

Provide an update to the Agent and Adjuster within 24 hours that effectively “tells the story”.

Provide a detailed scope of loss including subrogation reports as necessary.

Ensure ATR forms are received before starting work and ATP forms are complete before requesting payment.

Work within your systems to ensure all reports are timely and accurate.

Ensure chain of custody for any damaged parts (to document Manufacturer errors).

For water losses, provide daily Psychrometric readings to monitor the drying process.

Provide timely updates to ensure everyone is constantly up to speed.

Seamlessly transition from mitigation to restoration to construction.

Provide a 2 year warranty on all work.


It’s one thing to hear it from us, but quite another to hear it from your colleagues. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll give you a whole list of Agents and Adjusters who can tell you why they prefer to work with Mammoth Restoration.

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