Buffalo Park

Buffalo Park in Flagstaff AZ

Located on a 215-acre site, the park features a 0.8-mile loop trail and two-mile hiking trail. The park also has picnicking areas, wildlife, and scenic mountain views. Learn More about Mammoth Restoration here!

Elden Mountain

Located in Coconino County, Arizona, Elden Mountain is a 9,299 foot mountain that was named after John Elden, one of the first Anglo settlers of the Flagstaff area. This mountain is part of the San Francisco volcanic field.

Mount Elden’s unique geological history gives it a distinct character. The mountain is a large lava dome that formed from thick, sticky lava that piled up vertically and did not flow away. The lava had a viscous texture and cooled to form tuff. The tuff was mined by early settlers of the Flagstaff area.

The mountain is part of the Coconino National Forest, which has an extensive trail system. There are a number of different trails for hiking and mountain biking. There is a lookout tower, which offers the best views. This mountain is also a popular hang gliding and paragliding site.

Buffalo statue

Located on McMillan Mesa, Buffalo Park is a large open space with incredible views. It is a great place to relax, jog, or walk. It offers many picnic facilities, along with bathrooms and water fountains for public use. It is also home to wildlife.

Buffalo Park is one of Flagstaff’s most popular parks, and it has a lot to offer. The park’s most popular feature is its 2.2 mile loop trail. This trail is designed to be accessible to all ages and abilities.

This 2.2 mile loop features a lot of interesting features. It includes 18 parkour features, a cool wooded ravine near the entrance, and excellent views of the Dry Lake Hills and Mount Elden. It also includes the “Advanced Challenge Course”, which is an old school exercise course that challenges the user to do things like leg raises and sit-ups.

0.8 mile loop trail

Located near Flagstaff, Arizona, the Buffalo Park Loop offers the perfect backdrop for stargazing during a new moon. This 0.8 mile loop trail is also accessible for wheelchair users. The loop is a paved trail that is well maintained. The trail is open year round and can be accessed by car or wheelchair.

The most popular urban hiking trail in Flagstaff is the Nate Avery Trail. This trail offers panoramic views of the mountains surrounding the city. It is also a good choice for families.

The Weatherford Trail is a great option for a more challenging hike. It offers unique volcanic formations and has a variety of terrain.

The Humphreys Trail is another great alternative. This trail is one of the longest and most popular trails in Flagstaff. The trail starts in Shultz Pass and winds through dense forest. The scenery is also stunning. A great post!

Ghost town

Located on a mesa, Buffalo Park is one of Flagstaff, Arizona’s most popular places to visit. The 2.2-mile loop trail is a perfect place to walk, run, or bike, and offers breathtaking views of Mount Elden and the Dry Lake Hills. It is also an excellent location for night photography and wildlife viewing.

The site is also home to the first international display of a prehistoric Flagstaff artifact, the metate. Visitors can find dozens of buildings ruins, including the old zoo and a saloon. The town also boasts a few water fountains for public use.

Another notable landmark is the Lava River Cave, an ancient underground tunnel. It is the largest and longest of its kind in the country. There is a lottery system for access.

The Two Guns Arizona ghost town was a stop on Route 66 for travelers looking for a place to rest. Two Guns was home to an arch bridge and a roadside zoo. It also had a cafe and gas station.

Access to FUTS and Forest Service trails

Runners and bicyclists alike have a variety of options for accessing the FUTS and Forest Service trails in Buffalo Park. The city has over 50 miles of FUTS trails in the city limits, and more than 130 miles are planned for the future.

Buffalo Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Flagstaff. Its forests are rich in oaks and meadow vegetation. It also contains a variety of forest species including lark sparrows and grassland birds. It has multiple exercise stations and is an ideal place for social runs.

The paved FUTS/Arizona Trail starts at the west side of West Huntington Road. It connects to the Rio de Flag FUTS near the Waste Water Treatment Plant and leads to the Kelly Crossing bridge over Cedar. It then continues west along Route 66. Click for more!

Driving direction from Mammoth Restoration to Buffalo Park

Driving direction from Buffalo Park to McPherson Park


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Mammoth Restoration works with home and business owners, insurance companies, the State of Arizona, various law enforcement entities, and other licensed contractors

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