Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Riordan Mansion State Historic Park is a historic site. It was built in 1904 and was the home of the Riordan family. This family grew up in Flagstaff and were active in the community. A great post ahead.

The Riordan family grew up in Flagstaff

During the 19th century, the Riordan family was an important family in Flagstaff, Arizona. They contributed to the community, helped develop the lumber industry, and were influential in the political environment. They also made important contributions to conservation and education.

In the 1880s, three Riordan brothers came to Flagstaff to seek professional opportunities. They purchased a lumber mill on credit for $145,000. After a few years, they built a fortune in the lumber trade. They sparked a community around the lumber operation, establishing a medical center and hospital for the mill workers. They also started a hospital for children, developed a community hotel, and built the first library in Flagstaff.

In the late 1890s, the Catholic community wanted a school of their own. However, the bishop did not approve it. In 1893, townpeople voted to issue bonds for a new school. Alice Metz, Tim and Michael Riordan’s youngest sister, volunteered to teach the first year, without compensation.

In the early 1900s, the Riordans helped develop the railroad industry and the cattle industry. They also contributed to water development, and a dam was built in the lower Clark valley.

The building was built by Timothy and Michael Riordan in 1904

During the early 1900s, the Riordan family was one of the most important families in Flagstaff. They helped build the town’s first hospital, public school system, and Catholic parishes. They also contributed to the water and conservation movements.

Riordan Mansion State Historic Park is located near Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Mansion was designed by architect Charles Whittlesey.

The Mansion is a duplex, with each wing containing 6,000 square feet. There is a billiard room that connects the two wings. The billiard room has a billiard table and a large fireplace. It also has windows with translucent frosted glass backgrounds.

The Mansion is open for tours. Daily tours run from 11 am to 4 pm. Tours last about 60 minutes and feature discussion about the Mansion’s architecture. The Mansion is a good place for families to take their children. The Mansion also has a Visitor Center, a picnic area, and a small gift shop.

The Mansion is owned by Arizona State Parks and Trails. It was opened as a State Historic Park in 1983. Explore more!

The mansion isn’t 100% accessible

Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, Riordan Mansion State Historic Park is an Arts and Crafts style residence built in 1904. The park is a time capsule of the early twentieth century. The park includes two mirror image homes, each with massive stone arches at the corner porches.

The Riordans were involved in many areas of the economy, including cattle, banking and railroads. Their influence was felt in the political arena as well. Eventually, they built the Riordan Mansion, a thirteen thousand square foot home.

Aside from the mansion itself, the park also features a visitor center, a gift shop, and a variety of displays. The visitor center includes a small museum with a model of the old Flagstaff. The gift shop offers a variety of souvenir items including books about the Arts and Crafts movement and time-period toys. The Park also has several quiet areas on the grounds for picnics. Picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis during park hours.

It isn’t haunted by Caroline Riordan’s death

Originally designed by Charles Whittlesey, the Riordan Mansion in Flagstaff is a spectacular Arts and Crafts-style home that was built in 1904. It is a National Historic Landmark. It features volcanic stone arches, log-slab siding, and native stone. The home is surrounded by five acres of land that was gifted and warranted to the State of Arizona. The property was transferred to the State Parks Department on November 15, 1978. The gift and warranted deed was signed by Robert L. Chambers and Blanche Riordan Chambers, a sister-in-law of Robert Chambers.

In addition to the home, the property includes a six-car garage that serves as the Visitors Center. There are also numerous items of furniture made by Gustav Stickley, a famous furniture maker. The furniture is made from Arizona walnut and Douglas fir.

The home is now a State Historic Park. It offers tours daily. Visitors can also enjoy special events such as lectures by artists and writers. A large meeting room with wood shingles and a billiards room are also available. The park was established in 1979. Check our next area of interest here.



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