Cogdill Park

Cogdill Park Paseo Del Flag Flagstaff AZ

During the summer months, you can find a wide array of recreational activities at the Cogdill Park Paseo Del Flag in Flagstaff, AZ. There are swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and horseback riding areas that make this park a fun place to be during the warm summer days. You can also find a playground, a picnic area, and a gazebo that offers shaded seating. These areas are great for spending a day with your family. Learn more!

Celebrate Flagstaff Heritage Festival

Throughout July, the Flagstaff Arts Council hosts a variety of art exhibits, concerts and performances at the Coconino Center for the Arts. The Center regularly hosts art workshops and features a 4,000 square foot artist’s gallery. The Festival’s juried artist market provides an opportunity for new collectors and seasoned collectors alike.

In addition to the artists’ market, the Flag Wool and Fiber Festival offers workshops and competitions for handicrafts and animal exhibits. There are also live music performances on two stages. There are also food booths and a beer garden. Throughout the week, there are on-going demonstrations of traditional crafts. Among the featured artists are Darcy Falk, an artist who will lead a community quilt-making workshop and facilitate a community quilt.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Located in the Cogdill Recreation Center at the corner of Paseo Del Flag, Flagstaff, Arizona is about to get its own Boys & Girls Club. This will be a multi-purpose facility that will serve a wide range of needs including educational programs and recreational activities. The facility will have eight thousand square feet of space.

The new facility will serve children from all walks of life. The club will operate in conjunction with the City of Flagstaff and the Flagstaff Unified School District. The facility will also be a central location for the upcoming Arizona Adult Literacy Week, a celebration of adult literacy that runs from February 19 through February 25. The club will also host events such as a Read-a-thon for TLC students and a community book exchange. Check it out here!

Cogdill Center Head Start

Providing a comprehensive education program for children is the mission of Cogdill Center Head Start at Paseo Del Flag Flagstaff, Arizona. Located in Flagstaff, AZ, this facility specializes in education, nutrition and health services for children aged three to five years old. The staff at this center is able to provide you with a variety of services, including Onsite and Online classes. This facility is located on South Paseo Del Flag, Flagstaff, Arizona.

There are several schools in Flagstaff, AZ. Some of them are publicly funded, while others are privately run. For the most part, you can expect a traditional school education. However, there are a few other options, such as a daycare center or child care facility. This is a great way to provide your child with a social and educational experience while you are working.

Internet and broadband connection options in Flagstaff

Choosing the right Internet and broadband connection options in Cogdill Park Paseo Del Flag, Arizona can be an important decision. You need a reliable Internet service provider to connect to the world. Whether you are trying to play a game on your computer, or need fast streaming Internet to watch movies, CenturyLink can help you keep up with all of your online needs.

CenturyLink is one of the fastest Internet service providers in Flagstaff. Their services offer the fastest available download and upload speeds. They also offer a wide range of internet bundles to fit your needs. If you don’t want to deal with annual contracts or data overages, you may want to consider the Simply Unlimited Internet option. find more!

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Mammoth Restoration works with home and business owners, insurance companies, the State of Arizona, various law enforcement entities, and other licensed contractors

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