Monsoon Season 2019: What You Should Know About Flooding in Your Home


Monsoon season 2019 is here, Flagstaff, and while most are excited about the cooler weather and fresh air it brings, many are uneasy about possible structural flood damage. Arizona’s low yearly precipitation levels make it more difficult for soil to absorb the sudden rainfall that is produced this time of year. This lack of absorption leaves many areas susceptible to flooding around the state. Depending on where your business or home is located in relation to a watershedwash, and proper drainage, water damage restoration could be a large concern through the end of September.

What is the Monsoon Season?

If you are new to Arizona, chances are you aren’t too familiar with the monsoon season. Quite simply, it’s the time of year our desert state of Arizona receives most of its yearly precipitation. This late-summer weather trend comes as a relief to many and helps replenish much of the state’s water supply. Flash-flooding, high winds, and dust storms are common during the monsoon season but the average amount of rainfall during this time is always changing. In 2018, for example, the average rainfall in July for Flagstaff was above average. The Arizona Daily Sun reported that “the San Francisco Peaks above the Timberline area received between 5-6 inches of rain within two hours, causing flash flooding and damaging property.”

While Arizona’s monsoon season storms can be quite unpredictable, we have pulled together professional expectations for this season’s monsoon in Flagstaff and how you can better prepare for it. The National Weather Service predicts the Monsoon Outlook every year. They correctly predicted the late start of the monsoon season this year and are predicting an overall drier season.

If it’s a Drier Season, am I Still at Risk for Flooding?

Even though this monsoon season may have smaller precipitation totals than average, recent events have created a cause for concern for flooding. After the recent Museum Fire in Flagstaff, the danger of flooding from monsoon rainfall has increased from what was previously predicted in certain areas of the community. Once fires have burned through vegetation, they leave a “Fire Scar” which leads to faster and higher runoff rates.

Flagstaff Museum Fire Flood

If you are in any of the neighborhoods depicted in the above image, we would like you to take this threat into consideration for monsoon season and prepare your home to protect against water damage. The county has been doing their best to prepare for water damage and will be of help during flood remediation.

In 2018, Flagstaff was not expecting any floods but on July 15th, an unexpected storm dumped about six inches of rain in a very short period of time. This resulted in a great amount of flooding in our unprepared community. We recommend always being prepared during this time of year because of how unpredictable these storms are.

Make sure to sign up for Coconino County’s emergency alerts here. This free service will send alerts right to your phone and will provide important information to you and your family.

Cleaning Monsoon Season Flood

How Should I Prepare for Flooding?

Be sure to prepare your Flagstaff home for monsoon season or to have supplies on hand to do so. We recommend following Slate Restoration’s Monsoon Season Tips. Their tips include making sure your roof is properly patched and is in good shape to weather high winds and rain. They discuss making sure your trees are properly trimmed, watching out for lightning and knowing who to contact after flooding in your home occurs.

This comprehensive blog by Titan Restoration covers 20 Steps to Take Before and After a Monsoon Storm. They run through everything from inspecting your windows and doors to moving patio furniture to safer locations. Knowing what to do before monsoon season is in full swing and how to deal with any damage after can be important to your safety.

What Damage can Happen as a Result of a Flood?

Once flooding has infiltrated your property, you can expect the need for water damage cleanup. One of the largest concerns you may have is the health risks flooding can bring. Standing water can greatly affect your health if it is in your home or on your property for too long. Residual water can then quickly turn into mold which often travels through the air and into your lungs.

Flood water can also cause structural damage. If water has the time to penetrate your home’s framing, you could be looking at a structurally unsound house. The framing will rot and become weak if actions are not quickly taken to remove the water.

Personal items such as clothing, furniture, pictures, electronics, etc. can be damaged if they are not properly stored before an expected flood. We recommend keeping as much off the ground during monsoon season if you are in an area with high flood risk.

It is important to always call a professional to make sure all of the water is out of your home. If the initial damage didn’t come from the flood itself, more damage will come of improper removal of water.

Flood Microbial Spray

How Should I Go About Water Damage Restoration?

It’s important to act quickly after the water has entered your home. This article written by ASAP Restoration gives readers a good idea of what you’ll need to remove from your home after flood damage. They mention that in most cases, it’s best to call in the experts, especially if you are unsure about what can be spared or what needs to be discarded because of the flooding.

Dealing with flood damage now? Call our responsive team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we promise to be there in less than two hours! Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as water damage has occurred. Our team of professionals has the tools, manpower, knowledge, and experience to remediate water damage. We have gone through devastating flash flooding with our Flagstaff community and understand your concerns, have felt your pain and will do our best to completely restore your home.

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Mammoth Restoration works with home and business owners, insurance companies, the State of Arizona, various law enforcement entities, and other licensed contractors

Call us today for your restoration and remediation needs: (928) 714-0050